Many of you may be thinking, why join our school? Why HEAVEN LEARNING ACADEMY? Well, here are some key reasons why:

It’s practically a mainstream classroom! You will study with live teachers, in a live class room, and enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home.

We provide specialized mental health support, anger management, anxiety care, counselling and many other forms of support.

Less disruptions and smaller class sizes help students study with more concentration and allows them to study with maximum capability and effort.

Heaven Learning Academy provides pastoral care, which is accessible for all students at any time, and is open for any problems ranging from exam stress to worries about anything at all!!

Heaven Learning Academy in collaboration with NCFE

Heaven Learning Academy (HLA) has been recognized as a national center for remote assessments through its collaboration with NCFE, a leading educational and awarding organization. This partnership aims to enhance the accessibility and quality of remote learning and assessments. By leveraging advanced technology and NCFE’s robust framework, HLA can provide reliable and efficient assessment services, ensuring that students across the country can achieve their educational and certification goals without geographical constraints. This initiative marks a significant step forward in modernizing educational assessments and meeting the evolving needs of learners and educators alike.

Pupils at Heaven Learning Academy are part of an institution where they will have extensive learning experiences to visualise their imagination and become part of a wider global community.


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Pastoral care

The aim of the school cannot be distinguished from the liability for pastoral care.

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Heaven Learning Academy is a virtual learning platform that promotes interactive learning through incorporate active learning. Our lessons are embedded into different media types and interactive games that help engage students in different learning scenarios. As teachers, we want to help our children learn new things every day. We aim to teach every child in a fun and supportive, but informative way at the same time.

In terms of subject selection, HLA offers a wide range of subjects. It’s currently the only online school offering Food Technology at KS3 and KS4. In addition, another aspect that makes us unique, is that we offer B-Techs in Health and Social Care, IT, and Business.

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of all the staff, children, parents and governors to warmly welcome you to Heaven Learning Academy.

Welcome to Heaven Learning Academy! At Key Stage 3 students experience a broad and balanced curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9.

At Heaven Learning Academy, students are given a great deal of support to help them choose their GCSE options. 

A bridge between GCSE and university! many career pathways available by following the route of A levels and B-tech.